Weird YAFRay Problem

Trying to render my C64 in YAFray; losing some textures:

Works fine with the internal renderer. Has anyone seen this before or know how to fix it? I thought it might be because it was receiving too much light, but the lamp settings don’t make any difference. It’s the same with GI turned off.

My methods for creating the UVs for this project were crude at the time, but the brown keys are okay for some reason. It’s a problem with the UV mapping, not the material. Tried to recreate the mapping be to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.

Are your UVs douple sided or have you set the texture on the wrong side of the faces?

Some of the Blender procedural texture effects don’t work in Yafray quite yet. I have been having all sorts of trouble with Yafray rendering correctly, so for now I am not using it, the built in renderer with AO does a pretty good job and it 100x faster then Yafray.

My problem with Yafray seem to be with reflective materials, makes them all 100% reflective. From what I have read, Blender v2.37a has some things that are coming out in the next version of Yafray, so it isn’t 100% perfect.