This is weird.
i have two windows open.
the front and the side.
i am drawing using the ctrl click way of making an object.
doing so in the the front window but when i look in the side window the line is not straight! it gose left and right!
what is happening?
PS make a plane -delete the verts and click away…

probably one of your views is set to perspective mode.
I cannot recreate your problem. if it persists, could you provide a screenshot or blend?

This is almost surely a perspective problem - even though it may look correct in one view, it isn’t necessarily correct in all views. You need to keep an eye on (and work in) at least two perspectives if you want to create a correct result.
Also, that drawing technique does not really provide exact results most of the time - try to use extrusions instead since you can easily constrain them to specific directions, instead of just clicking around and having no chance to exactly place a vertex.

No both views are the same.
Upload Errorsinca.blend:
Invalid File
you would think the blender forum would upload blender files!


this is what i want to make in blender.

“having no chance to exactly place a vertex.” surely you jest - it goes where i want it in the front view!


okay, at some point in your process, you must have accidentally tapped the middle mouse button and rotated the view slightly, while continuing to ctrl-click.
this most likely happened as you used shift-MMB to pan the view.
I have traced the entire image using ctrl-click extrusion and had no problems.

also, depending on what you want, you may want to look into using bezier curves and bezier circles to approximate your shape. those are 2d by default as well.

if the problem persists, if you could create a detailed, step by step explanation of how to recreate the problem (be very specific), then that would help.
I have followed your original instructions with no problems though, so I suspect it was just a simple mistake.

please inform of any problems,

oh, only image formats may be uploaded to the forums, use a separate uploader for files like blends etc and post a link here if you want to share a blend (sorry i know there are free ones but i don’t use them and am drawing a blank on specific names)

let me know if i made a mistake

well that blend doesn’t really tell much, as there are any number of ways to get that mesh.

I suggest, starting from scratch and trying it again, being very careful not to rotate the view and making sure you are in orthogonal mode. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with the blend or that blender is doing something strange.

remember, in general, computers do exactly what you tell them too, regardless of whether or not you know exactly what you’re saying (if you do any programming you will appreciate this)