weirdest thing ever!

i have downloaded a FPS look, that works with properties and animations
(original file, thanks to fisicomolon, its creator
the problem is that i have a keyboard sensor with “ctrl” key to activate the crouch animation on the armature, but when i press it (even when its not conected to a actuator) the property that controlls the rotation on the Z axis of the camera gets randomly changed, its really weird, because the Z property is on another object, and the keyboard sensor is not even conected to an actuator, i have checked all the scripts and logic bricks and they are all fine, so i think its a bug, is there a way to fix this?
the keyboard its conected to a “and” controller(but not to an actuator), if i disconect it, everything is normal and works fine.
oh and im using blender 2.65.0
i also tried instaling blender 2.63, but the same thing happens
edit: for some reason it only happens with keyboard sensors, wathever i choose as the keypress, it keeps happening, but i tried with a mouse sensor, and it works fine!

any ideas?

Is the keyboard sensor set to TRUE type sensor?

yep, but this seems to have solved itself
i decided i wouldnt stop because of a stupid bug, so i kept adding stuff to my game, when i realized the bug was gone, and now it works ok
i have no idea on how or why did this happened, and less on how or why it was solved