Weirdest web comics

Internet is full of weird stuff. And weird web comics. That’s why I wanted to start this topic to see what kind of weird comics have people encountered in the net.

I’ll start whit “Alien loves Predator”, which seems to be a humanrelations comic between, you guessed it, Alien and Predator, who live as room mates in NY.

Your ball.

little gamers (aka “hot swedish love”) is a bit strange.

I really like this one. It’s sick and I love it.

Or Hunter and Painter.

Not really a comic but nice. Fly Guy.

American Elf.


Wow… The Parry Bible Fellowship is like extreme version of Gary Larson. I liked it a lot, it has some of the most unique ideas I’ve ever seen.

In exhance I would like to add, even though I think this all ready is quite well known site, The Spamusment. Some of the stuff is quite imagenative.

Sounds like the situation with my previous apartment. :-?

Thank goodness I live alone now.

Hilarius :smiley: :smiley:

Can’t believe that noone’s mention Penny Arcade yet.

Yeah Gary Larson and and the PBF are quite alike.
I have some of Larsons books at home and I can still have a major laugh with the “I think the dog’s following us” comic.
Larson you can show to your kids, but I like PBF better.

Penny-Arcade, yeah.
Though something happened. I liked it a lot about 4 years ago, but when I look at it now it’s not the same.

Little Gamers: offensive to say the least.

Diesel Sweeties: feel the robot love/hate!

Animals Have Problems Too: weird humor, very minimal.

VG cats: da hooch!

I wouldn’t say PA is weird, but it is pretty funny in its own ways.


I read couple of the Little Gamers strips, and thought it was pretty funny and self aware of the fact, that it has taken lots of influence from the South Park.

VG cats seems to be pretty funny too.

Painter and the Hunter I found amusing, but not laughing out loud funny. I thought it has poorly consturcted structure, which prevents it to be as funny as it could be.

Oh, and Coalth, you link doesn’t work, it just leads to domain name for sale page.

my favourite would be white ninja

Nine Planets without Intelligent Life

Return to Sender

Both are good (RTS is extremely good) and a bit different. Unfortunately RTS is dead for a good year now, although what there is is worth reading.


The maker of White Ninja must be utterly insane, at least it’s probably the craziest comic I’ve ever read.

I really like Nine Planets!

Weird sick perverted humour…sexy losers, home of “Mikes left hand”
with suck classics as “tripping the light faptastic”
that should give you a warning right there. R18
not for children ok, so no link :o

That certainly is one heck of a funny site.

Oh wow… I’ve laughed from disgust and disbelief. That man has one nasty sense of humor and I like it. Nothing seems to be sacred to him.

I stumbled upon another web comic, which I think some of you will find interesting: Hello Cthulhu, made in the spirit, and style, of Hello Kitty.

Bad zelda “p2p”