WeirdHat's F1 WIP (update on page 5, 04/27/2004)

This F1 doesn’t have any advanced technology, I hope that’s not viewed as a violation of the rules. It says “create what you feel to be the Formula One car of the future”… I just realized that. Uh, well, maybe all technology is destroyed in the future by evil aliens or something. Could somebody clarify whether this is allowed?

No details yet, just the basic shape. I’m going to remodel most of it.

Yep, it sure is allowed. It’s your take on what the future will be. So do what you want.

Nice start. I like it.


At least the re-invented the wheel :wink:

nice idea

that looks like it would be fun to learn how to drive. Peddle faster with the left to turn right… I like it.

More detailed tires, and gears and chains.

Cool! Couple of things. The wheels seem like they would be heavier than the hanging seat and the weight of a person. If this is true, the person pedalling would be flipping himself over the axle, but the tires wouldn’t move. :slight_smile: Also, if I was driving something like that without my hands, I would like some armrests or something. :smiley:

Great job!


isnt the gear ratio a little backwards?? nice friggin detail though

hihiii… that’s my favourite of these f1 entries yet!

great work.

oh, and about the future… well, you know how it happened in “the time machine” … so… you captured it nicely …


Better pedals, the gears are the other way, I added some duct tape, and changed the lighting a bit. I think once I redo the seat I can get started on texturing, unless you guys think there’s anything else I should change modelingwise.

Is that Duct Tape holding the hinges on? or brackets?(IMO ducttape would be much cooler)

High Tech! Whats the vert count on those wheels?


Awesome! Love the duct tape! It needs a cusion.

Maybe you could add an umbrella over the chair?? Duct-tape it on? :smiley:

Anyhow, great work.


heh, may I ask how you got such nice wheels? it took me a hours to get a half decent tread, and it still sucked!

I love how your model is turning out so far… very detailed yet simple-

you might want to attach a seat, and some handrails

good work :slight_smile:

It’s looking more and more unstable… I don’t think I would want to sit on that seat.

I’m interested on knowing how wheels are done too… there must be a way to automate it, instead of hand modelling each bump? :wink: spinning function?

for the modelling question, I don’t see anything wrong with it, but what seems a bit boring currently is the seat. put something there for people to sit in… like a soft cushions… you know… car seat/couch hybrid. :slight_smile:


(now you need to make everything wobbley!!)

Looks pretty cool (love the duct tape holding everything together)
from a mechanical standpoint I think the rider should have something to hold onto (grab bars) so that during a rough ride he’s held in better

Basse: I’m guessing that he modelled a single row of tread and than used spin dup to copy it all the way round the tire %|

that’s what I did… but you have to line it up perfect… and that gets REAL hard…

I made the wheels by modeling a little bit and then doing spin dup. There were some small empty spaces between the different pieces, so I just added a circular strip on the inside, so you wouldn’t be able to see through. Anyway…

Added a bag for putting useful stuff in, an umbrella like effstops suggested, flashlights for seeing things in the dark, and armrests.

sweeeet! but the bag should be plastic… and that person’s neck is gonna hurt REAL bad with that stuff sticking into him… nice touch with the light switch :slight_smile: