Weirdly dark shadows in cycles render?

Hi all,

so i’ve created my first ever render, and despite adding three lights from different angles, trying a spot light, increasing the lighting strength etc., i haven’t been able to get rid of the following “dark area” in my image. Any ideas on what’s causing this, and how i can get rid of it?

Here’s a picture of my lighting setup, just in case that’s relevant too (i’m a new user though so i have to insert it as a link:

Thanks in advance :heart:


I can see two lights in your setup, both in the right. Keep in mind that shadows will be always projected away from the light source. In your case that’s the left-facing faces of your objects as seen in the blue house, and the green one doesn’t get any light because it’s too far away from the point light, which isn’t nearly as bright as the sun.

You have some options to fix this: Use an HDRI as the source of an environment light to will fill in these shadows. You can also add objects / planes outside the screen and behind the camera to bounce off light back to the scene, with the added benefit of looking more realistic as IRL these buildings wouldn’t exist in a void.

Another option is to position the secondary light in the left/front, but I wouldn’t advise this. Unless that light represents an actual light source in the scene I’d scrap this one completely since it’ll cast shadows conflicting with the supposed lightning of the scene, a pretty noticeable mistake when it comes to archviz.

hi, thanks so much for your reply! i’m already using an hdri so i don’t think that’s the problem.

i’ve also tried placing the sun lights (both of them are sun lights, i’ve got some spot lights inside the houses to add some interior lighting but otherwise it’s just those two) so that one is coming from the other side, but it’s still black. even when the light is directly in front of that wall, it’s weird. could it maybe have to do with my render samples? or the number of light bounces i have enabled? i was playing around with that at one point and i’m not quite sure what good settings would be ToT

Then I bet it’s either a problem with the material or a problem with the objects normals.