Weirdness issues when previewing game engine

Every time I open blender, if I immediately run the game then it works perfectly. But all I have to do is one simple thing and preview the game again and sometimes I get something like this:

Notice the textures… what the heck? They’re perfectly fine before then I do something simple like add a plane to the scene and boom that happens. So I save, quit, and restart blender and it works fine again. Good temporary fix, but aggravating!

Are there any patches/advice?

I have a normal machine:
Windows XP Media Center Edition SP3
2GB Ram
AMD Turion 64 Mobile
Mobility Radeon X1600 Mobile

Any help is greatly appreciated!

The video doesn’t work for me. Could you please explain what happens? Does it suddenly crash? It does that for me ever since I download 2.48…or the newest python. Sometimes when I press p and play the game it is fine…and other times it crashes.


is all your settings for material and object on OB or Me

I used the divx codec for the video… you can download the codec for free… but no it doesn’t crash. The textures get all weird… you’d have to see the video to know what I mean.

The textures are set to Orco… that’s the only setting that gave me the results I wanted. But that wouldn’t be an issue, since it works perfectly fine when I first start it up then it randomly stops working correctly!

Also, I didn’t mention this before, but certain objects will randomly become invisible too. This has the same fix, save restart and it works. And sometimes my character’s default post will change. This I have to fix manually, which takes a while.

On the whole Blender is turning out to be VERY buggy…

Try uninstalling/reinstalling blender, and updating your graphics card drivers. Aside from that there’s probably not much we can tell you… some systems just don’t like Blender.

Are you using an official build or an apricot/softbody branch?

Official build. I had these problems before I updated. Then I finally got tired of having to deal with them and tried re-installing to the new version. Still have the problems…

So far blender is not running well on my machine. I guess I specifically mean the Game Engine part of blender… because the actual rendering any everything else seems to be fine (most of the time). It hasn’t crashed on me, and the only data loss occurs when I exit out of the program without saving it (most of the time not realizing it either, so I can’t just grab the quit.blend either).

But off the subject (I don’t want to post another thread) is there a way to make blender show verticies without being in edit mode? I’m trying to set up an armature and even the wireframe won’t show me what I need to see.

Never mind my last question.

I have some more bugs to report… Sometimes after running the game, my armature’s default position will change. I have a temporary fix: open the action window and put it on a frame where my character is in rest position. But this is still very annoying…

I have to restart blender about every 30 seconds (and I’m being generous there… I’ve already programmed a restart button onto my keyboard’s macro). That fixes the other numerous problems I have… including the texture issues.

My question is: Why does my computer hate blender so much? I’ve never had problems like this before with any other development program… even ones that I’ve cracked.