Weirdo at Christmas

Here is my first animation that I did with my kid. . It is rough and could use some cleaning up, but since it is a Christmas theme, it is today or never.

Wow, that character’s armature is glitching ! :smiley:
I guess it is not bad for a first animation. Also a lot can be done on the animation: the snowballs can be “rigid body” driven for example: they stay driven by animation and as soon as the animation stops, the hpysics kicks in and you get a nice looking trajectory !

I can already tell that the use of BVH files were used in this video. That’s the main reason why it was twitching.

Thanks for the comments. The problem with trying too many new things at one time is that you don’t have time to get any of them correct. I figured out how to get mocap to work, but not clean it up, dynamic paint to work, but not detailed enough for the snow angel to show well, etc… But the first ting you do will always suck. it is the learning that is the fun part.

Thanks for the suggestion for the snow balls. I couldn’t figure out how to key frame parabolic motion, but will try ridgid body next time.