Welcome everyone

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welcome to the elYsiun.com Discussion boards.
Hope you’ll have fun.

Greetings Kib_Tph

(@ce) #2

First reply!!

(svo) #3


This is how to identify if your buddy has a madsvo disease:



(Timothy) #4

Hooray !!


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(Timothy) #5

testing 1 2 3

(Jamesk) #6

OK… Neat design btw!

Registration: Works
Login: Works

http://www.godof3d.f2s.com/hairy_stuff.jpg : Works

(ScottishPig) #7

sniffle… I had to register myself 2ce.


(slikdigit) #8

Hey cool!
Here’s an old blendered image from another forum. (I’ll be updating this within a month or two- body’s modelled mostly, woiking on rigging and uv maps)

(Jamesk) #9

Nice ears on that dude, bassaminator!

(ScottishPig) #10


Well… it’s not mine, but mine’ll look like it.

(Timothy) #11

you can not link your images to geocities or any other provider that has that crazy protection.

I will ask around if there is a possible solution for this but I doubt it.

(slikdigit) #12

A workaround is to right click on the image (or whatever you have to do to get properties in your browser) get the properties, copy the url and paste into your address bar. Once the image is viewed at geocities, it’ll even show up inlined in the forum.(Its now cached into your browser)

(slikdigit) #13

Kib_Tph, still looking forward to part 3 of your animation tutorial- no pressure tho. :slight_smile:
BTW, what does your nick mean?

(Timothy) #14

I will hopefully get around to writing the 3rd part after the new elysiun.com launches.

I’ve been extremely busy lately, but I really want to get that tutorial finished.

And my name means:

Kiki is Back _ Timothy Paulus Henricus

TPH is my name with middle names,

(underdog) #15

Hey cool you finally getting her up. Looks good. BTW there is a way to make geocities to link normally…though I dont know it…have seen it on many forums though.

(Timothy) #16

Well I asked around, and most people seem to think it’s not possible.

But if you know of any forums that do have it, could you perhaps give me the links to those?

Then I might be able to find it out.

(underdog) #17

Take a look at the spiraloid forum…geocities seems to work fine there. I cleared my cached files to make sure and they still worked. There was another forum I remember seeing them work on too but I cant find it. I’ll keep looking.


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(Timothy) #18

hmm doesn’t seem to work there either:


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hey hey!

(Timothy) #20

theeth !!!