Welcome o' seeker

Well, this is finished for now.

Those who know any old computer RGP’s now the game where this does come from. For those who do not know it, it comes from the character creation screen of Ultima 6: the False Prophet.

nice, i like the glowy lighting. cool chunks.


But regarding the woman, her face looks odd. Like the width of her face has been stretched. Lips maybe need some gloss too. Also, she has man shoulders. :expressionless:

Regarding the glass, the bit where there is no liquid (the top part) is really nice. But where the liquid is, it looks strange. Like it has 2 reflections of itself.

Like the glowy parts too. :wink:

Good work.

well done I like the lighting much better on this one. Makes me want to play ultima again.

Very well done. 10 out of 10. Don’t know your this character is, but kinds of reminds me of Micheal Jackson. Can your character do the moon walk too? :smiley:

First off, thanks from your comments all.

Firstly, here is the original pic, it’s pretty small tough:

Original pic

some answers: Light. Yes i like it too.It came out pretty much like it wanted it. All hail the mighty Glow efect.

Redbyte: Yes, I tried to model her pretty much one on one to the original pic. That’s how she looks like in the original. (well almost.)

I actually placed specular map on her face, but maybe it’s the light placement or something else, because it doesn’t show off very well.

Ozo: God no. NOOOO!!! (for that jackson part that is) And thanks.

Paradox, Modron: thank you. Thank you very much.