Welcome to CorpWars

CorpWars, what if a hostile take over really was hostile

The premise behind, yet another open project, a short story/graphic novel/webisode/TV series that I have been writing for about five years and production designing for the last two.

It’s a future where corporations have their own military to protect their patents and manufacturing plants, where mercenaries and assassins need insurance to work, where clones, fighting for human rights, do the work of those who can afford . . . . I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

Perhaps a bit of sobriety behind this post;

www.cbbe.tv The production company website, (a work in progress)

www.corpwars.tv This is the story reveal website, (a work in progress)

Similar projects;

https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialNinjaTheory/videos. This is the blueprint on how I plan to get the people of CorpWars to the screen.

http://preview.thelordinquisitor.com/ This gentleman uses Cry Engine, not a criticism but rather to point out the quality I’m looking for.

http://en.cosmonautexperience.com/ I feel no guilt in telling you I have shamelessly lifted most of the CC use and licensing from The Riot Cinema Collective regarding all intellectual property. (this is an old site, expect a slight deterioration in website experience)

I guess that’s it for my introduction other than to say that my next step is getting legal advice so I can finalize the intellectual property agreement.

Welcome to CorpWars,

Are you going for a full anime or a 3d inserts.
Still a noob, better at making 2d logo/badges than anything else, nothing advance (black and white shadow cutouts), but every rank and file merc/corp needs a banner to rally around. Granted you said your site is a work in progress, and I would be willing to do one sample badge.

Didnt look at the cosmonauttexperience as a fee was asked for.


In providing the cosmonaut experience link I was not intending that anyone pay to see the movie, my goal was to use the site as an example of the philosophy behind the way I’m going about realizing CorpWars.

CorpWars is going to be full CGI and at the moment would be mainly rendered in UE4.

Grounds, I sent you a pm. (I hope it worked)

Welcome to CorpWars