Welcome to elYsiun.com

(Timothy) #1

Welcome to elYsiun.com

After using the previous design for over a year we’ve finally gotten around to putting (part of) the new design online. The main purpose of this new design is to integrate the most popular section of elYsiun -the forum- with the rest of the website.

Today we start off by showing you the new design which is currently only implemented on this page and the forum. The design was made by Joeri Kassenaar (thank you very much) and myself. And as I said before it’s main intention is to integrate all parts of the website.

Although not alot of parts of elYsiun are ready yet, I thought it was about time to introduct the new design to you. The remaining parts of the website will be implemented into the new design aswell over the comming weeks and months. I hope to be able to provide new and improved services on elYsiun, the biggest change being the new Content Management System I’ve been working on which will hopefully launch sometime within the next 1.5 weeks.

I hope to be able to implement all former sections into the new design tomorrow, including the chatbox which is now temporarily offline (sorry).

Anyways, I hope you will enjoy what elYsiun will have to offer in the comming period.

As a final note I would like to thank everyone who has supported elYsiun and me. Special thanks goes out to, all the elYsiun moderators.

Timothy Kanters

(Timothy) #2

Hey everyone,

You will find there is still quite alot of work todo, my main priorities for this are:

  • make the forum template consistent in it’s design (done)
  • put the java irc chatbox online again (monday / tuesday)
  • integrate the rest of the website with the new design done
  • get the new content manegement system online (within 1.5 weeks)
  • get a new links section online (within 3 weeks)
  • get a new gallery system online (before xmas)
  • get a contest system online (before xmas)

It’s bedtime for me now,… but I’ll be up first thing tomorrow :slight_smile:


(joecool) #3

Hey! I like the design, it looks great! good job!

(paradox) #4

yes I like the new design, colors ect, too.

(kaktuswasse) #5

hey, i like the new site!

You made a good job,integrating the forum in the rest of the site!

cya henrik

(theeth) #6

good job!

don’t forget to eat and sleep sometimes :wink:


(harkyman) #7

Awesome! Way to go Kib!

I can’t wait for the rest of the planned upgrades. This has really turned into a great forum/site, mostly thanks to you.

(blengine) #8

the new site looks fantastic kib! excellent job!
though one thing i liked better was the names on the side of the post instead of on top, in the forums… its a lil confusing now…

still, great job!

(Riskbreaker) #9

Me likey a lot!!! :smiley:

Nice to see the orange and grey still in use :slight_smile:

Great work fellas!!!

(Fred_Pyo) #10


But I’ll never forget the old www.blender.nl forums… those were the times…

Love the design!

([email protected]) #11

Hi Kib,

you and joeri, have done a fine job on the new lay out ,very cool 8)

i have a question , i was wondering if your going to put the
members list back up ?


(Schlops) #12

Wow! :o :smiley: And still with the old colours, great!

(rogerm3d) #13

Nicely Done :smiley: :smiley: , Cant Wait for it to be all done.

(stephen2002) #14

looking good so far.

I have to say that I much prefered the names to be to the left of the posts instead of above them. This new layout makes for much more reading effort.