Welcome to Heaven!

Hey everyone!

Yet another “environment” project, definitely the type of scene I’m most comfortable with.
This one is basically a tribute to the amazing Hunchback of Notre Dame’s opening, which I really loved as a kid. The bells, the god rays, that whole celestial feel… that’s what I was after.
The modeling is pretty basic, just metaballs with volume density, following roughly the tutorial of Louis du Mont on the subject. As for the cathedral itself, it’s very basic too and not made to be looked upclose, I extruded, beveled etc, with the York Minster as a reference. I choosed to go for a strong SSS to give it that “sugar” look which looks “unearthly”.

Hope you enjoy!
Feel free to give it a like on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/eal6Dw!