Welcome to Kellywood

A scene for a little animation I may attempt if I can rig my character properly .



I did that last night , minimal rig , but I realised after that thats not the most current model of Machinegunkelly

CC welcome .
more to come :wink:

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that happes here sometimes.

both elements houses and the dude are great but i do not think their
shaders fit together! the houses are kinda grainy and he is more

ah and the second L is inside the hill!
otherwise excited to see more :smiley:


Lookin cool, perhaps some of the window could be shifted up a little from the ground floor, it makes a lot of difference.

Nice! You might want to keep the KELLYWOOD letters separate so the “WOOD” isnt just floating above that depression in terrain.

A really great feature in Blender would to allow text to be deformed by a curve but only changeing orientation/rotation of the letters, not skewing or distorting them… thus allowing for text to be wrapped around objects etc and remain legible.

  • emk

I like the first one of your images. There’s a certain unity in the style with the grainy look and the details of the buildings work fine.
Also adding a little bit of smoke is nice too.

I think that these details and nice things get lost in the second picture. And while I do like your character - it’s still 100 times better than any that i could make - the surrounding doesn’t match in the style. I would also choose a different perspective - the city floating in the air somehow doesn’t work for me. Maybe just that I feel the character might drop down, because he is so big :wink:

As I said, still much better than what I can do, so keep it up!

— Elubie

Hes kinda big :smiley: but anyway really looking forward to see the anim, KUTGW