Welcome to Mars(updated)

Well, after many hours(and renders) I finally got decent looking planet.

Mars, hundreds of years into the future:

Crits would be appreciated on the planet, the stars are just simple universe created image.

Ok here’s a brighter version(just rotated the sun lamp 40 degrees)

Uh, what happened to your render?
Some places are really dark, others are less dark but still dark.

Bah I hate being on an LCD screen sometimes, things that look normal to me are darker on a normal monitor, I’ll try to upload a brightened version.

That’s only because LCDs are sooo much better :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice render, all the crits have been said.


I hear you on that one. Happens to me all the time. I have to make a render that looks good on both LCD and CRT, which isn’t always easy when using a bright LCD.

Render looks pretty good sofar. I always pictured Mars being more red though.

Ok, Put in a brighter verion, check the first post.

Looks good, but imho I’d add a little atmospheric glow around the edges.

btw, Where do you get / how did you make the land texture? Is there a technique somewhere?

That’s better. Now the colours are coming through.
You used a different cloud texture?
What does that line represent?
What’s the blue and the green? That ain’t Mars :]
You’re not one of those people that believe that if we send our crap to Mars we can build ourselves an atmosphere, are you?

Looks like he used the image of mars that the sat took of it, it uses a rainbow of color to show altitude. Looks much better in the second image, though it would be nice to see it as a rusty red color like mars really looks. Should think of airbrushing on some green areas around the pool/lakes of water, and also around the ocean lines, since this is in the future, maybe even a few domed craters with some city life.

I see what he’s doing. A long time ago, a scientist named Giovanni Schianparelli and later Percival Lowell (who was the real mind behind the theory) Was looking at Mars through a telescope and thought he saw green splatches on the surface, as well as thin “artificial canals” that ran across it. Every day or so, the green splatches, which he thought was vegitation, changed position, as well as the “artifical canals”. So he used this to draw the conclusion that there is intelligent life on Mars. This soon, with more observation by other scientists, became a scientific theory, and on the way to becoming a scientific law. As time went on and we got better telescopes, ect. we found that the green-splatches he was seeing were actually just a result of windstorms on Mars, and the “canals” wre a result of poor telescope optics at the time.

So he’s building on that idea to show what Mars might look like if Lowell’s theory were true.

Anyways, pretty cool idea. I personally don’t like the look of the canals, but its pretty cool to look at. There’s also a lack of clouds. If we were to flood Mars and make it inhabitable, there would be percipitation, and thus clouds. Other than that, I really like the idea.


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Ok, yes this is supposed to be Mars terrraformed in the far future, those “lines” are acually supposed to be magor railways, which are connecting the different cities together.

As far as the technique goes, I started with textures from space-graphics.com then i hand painted the vegitation in photoshop, for the water I took the height map and asigned a color slider bar to it, so everything below a certain elevation was covered in water, the clouds are on a seperate sphere just above the mars sphere. For the cities roads, instead of painting them on I actually modeled them and rotated them into the right places.

It looks great, buts its missing one thing (that I can’t believe no one has commented on)… ATMOSPHERE! Other than that, nice work!

Actually, I dont want to overdo the atmosphere, Most CG images of planets, at least that Ive seen, have these large atmospheric “glow” which really isn’t true in life, for example:

and http://www.wallpaper.net.au/wallpaper/space/Great%20Lakes%20From%20Shuttle%20-%201024x768.jpg
That image, which is closer doesnt have much “atmospheric glow” and that picture is taken much closer to the surface. Also I’m saying since mars is still much smaller then earth that the post terraformed atmosphere is still relatively thin, like high altitdude on earth. One thing I do need to fix, I admit, is the atmospheric color towards the horizon though.