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I love the detail, although I think the buildings can have more depth which may add to the immersive feel. Cyberpunk cities are often very cluttered and dense, so if you want to go for that feel, perhaps add more objects/wires/cables/general junk above the street. Taking this into consideration, it would also block some of the holograms.


This is my earlier artworks I created it 2months ago just posted it here today. And I have created scenes with more wires and junks as you said. You can check it out my IG. And thank you for the suggestion!

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This is so cool dude

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Thank you :heart::raised_hands:

The rendering is great, but please don’t mix Japanese and Chinese in the wrong way.
In recent years, I’ve been annoyed by the rapid increase in the number of people who mistake Japan for that kind of roundabout expression.
Besides, are you looking through a mirror?
Katakana has been turned upside down.
I think it’s a problem before art if the language is lax, even if it’s meant to be art.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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thanks bart❤️much appriciated🙌🏽

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