Welcome to the New BGE Forums!

Hey everyone, welcome to the new and improved BGE forums! Please take a minute to read up on the changes:

-Fan games are now allowed. Seethis threadfor more information. You may post questions here.
-We now have a dedicatedforum for finished games! Now finished games will be easy to find.
-We now have a dedicated forum for collaborative games, thus eliminating some clutter from the WIP board.

To aid in the transition, please help in the following ways:
-Please report any collaborative threads appearing on the WIP board. Use the Report button and request that it be moved to the Collaborative forum.
-Also report any finished games which appear in the WIP board so that they can be moved.
-Please don’t report really old collaborative threads to be moved.
-Please do, however, report finished games of any age. We want to make this forum be a place to find finished games, so threads of any age are welcome so long as the links are intact.
-You might consider carrying a link to this thread in your signature for a while to help get the word out about the changes.

Also, please take a minute to review some posting guidelines for the new forums:

  • WIPs and Demos no longer allows finished games or collaborative projects. Such threads will be moved to the appropriate forums.
  • Once you have completed a WIP, you are allowed to create a new thread in Finished Games.
  • Collaborative game projects may post threads in the WIP forum from time to time to show screenshots, videos, demos, etc., but these threads must not be used for team communication.
  • Similarly, upon the completion of a collaborative project, the team is allowed to post a new thread in Finished Games.
  • The collaborative forum is intended for team communications. If your game is being produced by a team but is not using Blender Artists for its communications, you are not required to use the Team Forum. (i.e., just because it’s a team project does not necessarily mean that the Team Forum is the place to post a thread. Questions, screenshot threads, etc., still go to their respective forums.)
  • Please, only one thread per project in the Team Forum.

These rules may change in the coming weeks as the forums evolve. It can be hard to predict what rules are needed until the forums are actually in use.

Happy posting, and we hope you enjoy the new forums!
-PP and the rest of the BGE Forums Moderation Team

Heh, I scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the list of forums not finding the Game Engine subforums because I was looking for a cluster of 3 subforums and now it’s 5.

I like the new forum layout much.

only the first page of the WIP thread has been filtered so far it looks like, but it’s already making a nice difference.

and Huh, my RTS script is now a resource… I didn’t see that one coming. Fine by me though.

I now intend to report many good old finished games. If we have finished games of all ages, should it be a standard to put the Blender version necessary in the title? Because most old games will not mention the necessary version anywheres, but then it’ll bite you if it doesn’t work.

Thank you very much Plantperson! I’m really glad you and/or the other mods were able to get through to an admin! Finally we have a solution to the problem, and now browsing the WIP and Finished Games threads will be less of a pain.

I’m sorry if my thread/posts ever seemed hostile to you or other forum users. I was definitely frustrated at the sudden boom of group projects and what it meant for really good WIPs.

Now I want to go back and finish some of my older-not-quite-finished games so we can start filling that forum up!


Yeah, exact same thing here. :eek: And what a happy surprise it was!
I rank this new subforum 5 beers out of 5!

I slept past the change? wow! I see we finally got the forums we needed xD

For the fan game thing it would be good to recommend the giving of credit to the origional developer and to notify others that this is based on an actual game,

Like if you make a Mario game you’d say it’s based on the origional Mario bros. games by Nintendo and not say this game is an origional idea.

Yay! You pulled it of guys! Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Thanks! I love it!

Yes, that’s probably a good idea, although I don’t think I’ve yet seen anyone make a Mario game and claim that he invented Mario (aside from Miyamoto). That’s not your point, though.

Haha logged on to BA this morning and looked in the Game Engine WIP forum and I was like, “Hey, where did they put the ColdBlood thread…?”

Love the new forums! Thank you.

Added to my sig.

awesome awesome awesome. Thank you greatly Plant Person!

peace out,

I love all the neww changes, awesome work! Just one suggestion: One thing that always bothered me was the Question + Discussion section. It’s really too easy to miss important discussions in all these question threads. If you have got some time to help with some questions, you will eventually find them, but if you only want to see some latest discussion, it’s nearly impossible.
One solution could be to integrate discussions into the resources section. That section is normally much less crowded so discussions are less likely to drown in all the questions.

Thanks, PlantPerson (and any other mods who helped)!

Huge thanks to the moderators and admins for this, with all the attention the BGE has been getting lately it was really needed.
I stopped going to the BGE section for a while there, it was such a mess!

This will clear it all up nicely. :smiley:

And thanks Plantperson (or whoever it was) for moving my Hummer vs Heli game to the finished products section. :wink:


Thanks guys, this was a much needed change. I have to admit that I was surprised for a second or two… I was hoping there would be a change for a few months. :slight_smile: now there is. I like the way that it has been set out. Great job :slight_smile:

Thank you PlantPerson for listening to our cries and taking action! This should help things out a lot. :slight_smile:

Woow, this is sooo good. Now that I actually see it in action it’s even better than I thought it would be. The finished games forum is so helpful. Thanks a lot PlantPerson and all moderators!

Sometimes some finished games pop up that are the ‘My first game’ type game. Maybe its best to leave these games in WIP?

Anyway, very nice stuff.

thanks BA forums .