"Weld seams of two models?"

I have two meshes, that are controled by 2 armatures,

they have a section of vertexes in common where they meet. (think belt line)

How can I “weld” these so that you can’t see it split when you use the mouse click action?


WrectifiedProtoAct.blend (4.08 MB)

Have a bone on the second armature which has copy rotation/location of a bone in the first.
Place the two bones so they have 100% influence on the two halfs of the seam and it should keep the edges welded together.

Other than that I think you may be out of luck, it’s tres difficult/ beacoup impossible to control the vert positions of a rigged mesh.

They put shoulder armor on the hands to hide the seams.

Anything against just merge the vertices with alt+m (I think that is the shortcut)

He has two seperate meshes, I don’t think they can be joined physically.

I merged the arm seam, and split the “underwear” unto the top model,

I may have to ask Aikra_san to have another go at it,:slight_smile:

with the “legs” one piece (think thermal underwear)

and the arms connected. (we can always do a model with the arm hacked off.


WrectifiedProtoAct.blend (4.1 MB)

This will sound like a Workaround, but it isn’t really… well, Kind of… but not really…
… but wouldn’t it be better you actually used one Mesh for the visible Dude and the separated Meshes doing the actual Motion are actually invisible Cubes (or just using one Armature)? Even if you manage that the Vertices are like merged at Runtime, the Shading will still have a Seam.

(Edit: Now I see I am a little late.^^)

The seam is the underwear line,

and the seam is already there,

the issue is that I need to play muliple animaitons on the torso, that differ from the legs,

I am going to need the arms to aim at some point, independant of the legs running/walking or standing

I am going to have WSAD move, and mouse aim, in 3rd person

You still can do this, with the methods mentioned above.

This does not matter

I would agree with this.

I’ve done it and it works well.
Here’s a blend file example:
human_male_base4.blend (966 KB)

And here’s how the effect looks:

You can see that the arms move independently of the legs, he can crouch, walk and even lay down (in a later version of the character I did this) and meanwhile the arms can be posed for shooting or a relaxed pose and you can even have another bone for the torso for aiming and torso twisting.

I got it working (torso) I will need to just merge the arms I think

I have

1 armature and model for torso

1 armature and model for legs

I have the “Root Bone” stationary and share the same position locked via IK. and parenting

I have weights painted so none of the bones effect the “seam area”


Tracking.blend (3.88 MB)