Cool addon with great potential!

I tried to test it in production scenario (bit more complex game models). Few issues:
a) Metric scene scale is not respected. The imported model is MASSIVE and fails to make anyhing meaningful.
b) Using Booleans to create weld is not always possible, infact rarely on model I tested.

Ideally you should let User create manual curve and use raycasting or some other method of quering to align tilt of curve so welds are rotated correctly.

c) Modifier stack or source object data can get messed up (initial selection, pre running weld_op)

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Im getting this error. I have added a default cube and sphere and when click on weld its giving error. Version im using is 0.0.3. Downloaded from Gumroad

Why im getting this error and how to solve it. Any suggestion or help. Thanks

Hey atekdigital. Have you installed plugin by selecting *.zip file or *.py file. Make sure you install it using *.zip file in order to copy all requiered files. Also you need to select more than one mesh before clicking “weld” button.

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Work perfectly with the zip file. What is the rotate weld option. When click it gives error. I select the cube and sphere and like clicking on the weld this time i select the rotate weld gives the error.

How rotate weld option works. Thanks

This looks really awesome! I’ve been thinking about a tool like this for a long time.

2.80 ready tested on latest build.
welder_2.80.zip (80.1 KB)


Works in Blender 2.80? Wow. Amazing work!

Thank for the 2.8 version.
I like this addon.

While the 2.79 version dont run, the 2.8 works just fine. :slight_smile:

have not reviewed the code, but do like the presentation. I may ask later if can use some of the results to create “mortar” for block building scripts I have. that will come much later I must review existing code to conform to next release before modifying (much). thx for contribution - looks good!

Blender 2.8’s API had just changed again, causing many add-ons not to work anymore, including Welder. :frowning_face:

For now find this line and comment it out.
bl_idname = “OBJECT_Welder”

Today I download a new revision of Blender 2.8 Beta and the add-on works again :anguished:
Thanks for the reply!

Just found this addon!..omg… I freakin’ love you! Thank you thank you thank you! If only I had this two months ago! Would have saved me hours on a certain gig…

Is there a way for this to produce a smoother " weld " ? Without the striations ?

Just bought this for $3, though I didn’t have to pay anything… very clunky from what I can tell. Really thought it would be a little more elegant than this. Had to scale my two meshes to ridiculous sizes (like 80") for this to make a decent weld where they meet…

If you develop this further, please try to add more controls to scale etc. And maybe try to make something that is like drawing welds wherever the hell you want them (ie short/partial welds too), and also on a single mesh along edges that you draw upon. That I would pay good money for (like $20), if it was everything that a 3D welder should be… I have used ZB a bunch to do welds when I needed them. And those worked pretty well, but I want to stay in Blender as much as possible. I’ll likely still use ZB for the more complex stuff, and just use this for simple stuff. So I’m a little bummed. :frowning:

Hey blender artists,
Welder has been updated with new features and hopefully better functionality,

  • Added 3 new weld types (total of 5) which can e chosed from list with icons,
  • Fixed initial size,
  • Added modal operator. Size and rotation can be now easily adjusted using mouse movement (LMB to apply desired transform),
  • Updated both for 2.7* and 2.8.



There’s any chance to extend it to Greace Pencil? Drawing on any surface and click “weld” to make that same effect appear, it would be awesome.


Yes, I’m working on it.


It will be really nice to have different profiles & preset. Thanks for the add on.