So I installed 2.83.9 and tried to install it there and no luck too.
Here is a screen cast of the attempt: (edit: YouTube is having some server errors at the moment)

It looks like you’re trying to install a zipped repo from github which will not work since the github contains multiple versions, both for Blender 2.7 and 2.8+ as well as some additional redundant files. You need to install one of the releases, e.g. /master/2.8/Welder_1.1.5(2.8).zip

Ah, yes you are right.
I was going to try and then buy later.

(edit: nice, just bought)

Just to let you know, the draw function works on 2.90 but not 2.92

Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you know that Welder has been updated and it now works with Blender 2.91.


Thanks Johnnie. Works on 2.92 as well, and drawing is working now.

Hey everyone. I’ve updated welder to 1.1.9, featuring 2 new weld types, new welds thumbnails and few major bugfixes.


Nice! Keep up the great work Johnnie!

Sweet. Nice work.

Good day, I updated Welder, to 1.1.9, but I cant still make welds on properly scaled meshes :frowning: I m tring to weld 2 x 10 cm cubes and the welds are too big and brake. Sure it works on Overscaled meshes but I already explained in the previous comment why that is not Optimal use in production. Is there any plans to fix this so it works on small welds too ( think Guns, Handrails and other objects what can be small in scale )

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Hey. I’m working on that as well. Due to large amount of dependancies it might potencially be destructive for default sized welds. I’ve sent a PM with beta version for you to play with.

Continuing the discussion from Welder:

I installed your latest version for Blender 2.91. It enables and works OK but when I disable it (I don’t need welds too often) the tab for Welder remains in the 3D Viewport sidebar. Doesn’t seem to be a way to disable it from the sidebar to make room for other addons that use the sidebar.

To see if perhaps some other addon was causing the problem, I loaded Blender factory settings and then only enabled Welder. Same thing. It stays on the side bar when I disable it in the preferences.

Any ideas?

Hi BBMF, I have already fixed that but since I’m working on another issue in the same branch it will be published in couple of weeks.

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