The one on left looks good, if you’re playing with opacity on the one on right, don’t. Metal is not transparent.

Thanks, The weld on the right is fully opaque.

Good day, and thanks for this Addon, I have one request, can you look in to scale problem with this addon ? It works On big objects just fine, but if I wanna use it for actual production mesh like gun or something what is not big as 1 m x 1m welder goes nuts and not work correctly… This screenshot shows 2x 8 cm x 8 xm cubes welded and as you see weld dont look good.

That’s probably caused by the strict minimal size of weld bead. I’ll address this issue in spare time.

You can try scaling the object you have, making weld, converting it to mesh, and then scaling back down.

Yes, this was one of the options, scaling whole model up to just make Welds but that is Destructive method and I lose possibility to control weld, if in bake it need to make it bigger or smaller, then again I need to scale model make new welds convert them and scale down… but its far from optimal workflow.

Thank you, If you need Production ready Hard Surface model in Smaller scales to test on, I can try to provide one.

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this is a great addon. but when I use it in 2.9, I can’t select anything until I use the draw weld tool. then it all works fine. this is very annoying, and I’m wondering if you/someone has a fix for that?

I’ve updated Welder fixing some bugs, please check out if it resolves your issue.

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Thank you, the update seems to have fixed that problem

Another thing I would like is if I delete a weld the corresponding curve should be delted as well, otherwise the scene needs to be cleand up manualy all the time

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is the gumroad displaying $10 for anyone else?

Yes it is.
AFAIK, the addon was free before.

I think there was always a paid version as well.

Yup… Just checked & Gumroad version is still from 23th of August, 2020. Unless there’s another one?

Correct. The addon is no longer free on Gumroad. Due to rising popularity of the addon the demand of updates is also higher than before. Because of that, and since I still want to maintain the support and have a lot of features to add in upcoming updates, I decided to make the price change. It’s now 10$ which I consider to be afordable price. However the addon is still shared on GitHub public repository for free: https://github.com/JohnnieWooker/Welder.git


that’s a godsend, thanks

When I install it in 2.9 (tried 2.79 as well) Blender status says it is installed, but it does not show up in the addons list. I search for ‘Welder’ but it does not show up. Any ideas?

Hey @NeptuneKid
Which version are you trying to install? Most recent for Blender 2.8+ is 1.1.5. Are you installing it using a zip file?

Version 1.1.5.
Install zip, then status bar says it is installed, but don’t show up.
Used 2.79b, 2.90, 2.92.1 and all the same.