Welding 2 halfs of a mesh

Here is my situation, i just did a manual retopo of a complex model, lots of faces are now all quads.
Since my model was symetric, i did the retopo for half of the model.
The mirror tool just doesnt seam to work on my object, its slightly tilted and so…
I selected all faces, duplicated them, then the duplicate i scaled X factor -1, flipped normals, and moved it.
And now both half’s are perfectly fitting.

But its are still two halfs, now i can move them really close together those halfs to match each vertexes.
And i was wondering is there some kind of tool or script, that can join all those vertexes that are close together but not joined (ALT +M) yet. I could do it manual (alt +M) but i are so many of them that i wonder if there is a faster method to do this .

I know there is the bridge function, but that would create a face in between but i wouldnt like an extra face in between

I believe you can use the Remove Doubles command after adjusting the “double threshold” in the toolbar under Mesh Options.

Thanks it worked

sorry to not have replied sooner, but in fact the bridge edge loops has a ‘merge’ option that does not create a face, and you can even specify where the new merged loop should be positioned.

@DruBan dude I didn’t realize that bridge edge loop had that option. Very cool thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Yes Bridge edge loops got a major overhaul not too long ago check out the awesome and timesaving ‘profile’ options. Not sure who coded that but maybe it has a Howard-y flavor to it?