WELDING CURVE free shader node's group


Welding Curve Is Material node’s group to apply on UV based curves extracted from edge topology or created from scratch.

How to use it?

  1. select the edges you want to be converted to bezier curve. Duplicate in place . Separate.

  2. convert the new object to bezier curve.

  3. set your curve interpolation type in the W menu Set Spline Type (Bezier)

  4. Create another bezier Spline from scratch (on top view), to be used as bevel curve on the
    extracted edge spline . it ll be used for profiling your welding joint

  5. Apply the appended material from the file to your main curve or buid your own with “welding bourlet” node’s group

  6. Once you have it applied as bevel curve on extracted edge’s curve. Play with Tilt to correctly orient the welding joint.

  7. Push away curve’s vertices on there Normal axis to match closely as possible the welded’s surfaces. (Better use occlusion to see how far you are from surfaces)

  8. Tweek


Repeat: Number of welding rings regarding your scene scale.

Torsion: How much the rings are bended

Consistance: How much" material" there is for the welding joint

Irregularity Size: the scale of the ring’s variations

Irregularity Details: The amount of noise on those irregularitys

Alpha Propagate: How close is the Alpha mask from the edge of the welding mesh border

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I’m sure that some people 'll love the optimized side of this type of welding technique.

Hello, blender users. The how to video is online (shortest and without glitches).
I hope you 'll find it useful.



An additional walk-through about normalizing curves.
blender doesn’t have normalized curves so if you generate it from different lengthened edges it ll result in a non uniform uv’s propagation.
Here is the trick to use based on grease pencil tools.

Happy blending


trying to make this work !

is there a video with some voice to explain things?

curve - is it a closed curve or open bezier curve ?

i added a curve on vertical pipe but the curve is not flat on the pipe
how can i turn it so that it is flat on pipe ?

i can turn the bevel curve to make it flat against the pipe is this the way to go ?

happy bl

Sorry, no voice on my videos. Never

Both are working, closed or opened. But with the standard Blender’s curve (not GeoNode) you have to normalize the points on the curve’s length to obtain a constant UV’s repartition.(second video)

for a curved surface, as you guess, you have to edit the profile shape, so the external points pass under the origin.

I ll edit a new one soon based on Geometry node curve’s system, but my second graphic card, is dying on my 10 years XMG laptop… So i’m waiting for a brand new one to be able to use again Blender without Lags and crashes and infinite shader compilation…

to be continued…