Welding Groups of Vertices

Hello, long time no blend. :slight_smile: lol

I recently took it back up again and found myself with a question I needed answered a couple years ago.

This is a thruster section for a modular multi-purpose drone (if that matters …lol)

I made some changes to one side then split off the other, deleted it and mirrored the changed half over using shift-d. It has no complete center line so I had to delete a few overlapping verts to get it to the image you see.

My question …Is there a possible way to weld all the verts at once or can it only be done one face at a time?

If you use a mirror-modifier you don´t have to weld them manualy.
The modifier allows you to set the merge limit and the centerline will be
merged together automaticly.
Have Fun!

Yes, thank you :slight_smile:

I looked into that before taking the action I took, My problem is the object does not have a complete center line so some verts needed to be deleted prior to welding.

Question: Will the autoweld function in the mirror modifier work after some outside edges have been removed? …and/or, will the function correctly weld together overlapping faces as long as the verts are lined up?

I´m not quite shure what you mean by outside edges…
Overlapping faces will be no problem if the merge limit is set correctly. “Inner Faces” have to be deleted manualy though.

This image may help…


the piece on the left is what I duplicated and mirrored the piece on the right from. As you can see I needed to remove a bit of the top and back to have aligning vertices along the entire edge.

How do I weld these together?

If the vertices from both halves are co-located exactly, then remove doubles will weld them together. If they are not exactly on each other, remove doubles may still work, by increasing the remove doubles limit (in the mesh tools panel.) This has to be used with caution, however, since vertices that you don’t want welded together may fall within the increased remove doubles range. Still, if used with care, remove doubles can often do most of the welding work, leaving only a few details to be cleaned up by hand.

Ahh, thank you. I’ll definately have to be careful, there are a few fairly narrow bevel lines.

What actually causes them to seperate like that and would the verts on the origional side be in thier origional position?

Can I drag the vert from the mirrored side to the opposites location and have it need no further maintenance after removing doubles?

Ok that worked!!

thank you very much :slight_smile:

For the benefit of others searching this topic …I moved the limit for remove doubles up incrimentaly by .001 until it welded them all together. The majority popped together at about .005 but I had to go to .012 before the last 4 merged.