welding the first control points of two curves


I have two curve (inside the same object) and i’d like to “weld” the first control points of each curve to have only one curve at the end.
The two control point are exactly at the same location.
I can’t find a way to do that i dthe doc nor in the knowledge base.

thx !

move them away from each other, select them both, and press ‘C’

that SHOULD work.

no it won’t work (and i tried and it didn’t)

CKEY is to close the 2 ends of a single curve not to join 2 curves…

thx anyway…

To join 2 curves, you need to select both of them in OBJECT mode and then press CTRL+J to join them.

Then you should be able to do the “C” key to close them up.

The alternate method is to add a new curve while in EDIT mode. Then the 2 curves will be considered the same curve.


Select the two points and use the Fkey.

thx graphix it works. (and thx to others too)