Welding vertices

Can someone tell me how I would weld vertices? I dont think I know how.

in edit mode select the verts and then alt-m


In case you mean you want to know how to join rather than merge, in edit mode select the vertices and hit F. This only works with 2 vertices (will create an edge) or 3/4 vertices that can form a face.

No I mean if you have a square with 8 vertices and one vertice in the middle to join them all is there a way I can get rid of that Vertice and there still be a face there? so let me try to graph this


Is this possible in blender?

I think you could select the center vertex and select one of the other ones and put alt+Merge but put the cursor on the one on the side and the click at cursor. Works for me.

ok I’ll try that

Currently, no, you can’t have it stay a face. That would require n-gons, which Blender has no support for as of now. But take a look at the “Fake Polygons” section of http://www.blender3d.org/cms/Mesh_editing_rewrite.425.0.html. It will take all coplanar faces (which I assume is what you have?) and make them appear as one face. Pretty useful so your mesh isn’t as cluttered.

The only way that I know of to accomplish what you want to do, which I understand is to get rid of the center vertex and redo the edges, is to do it manually. What you could do is select all the vertices and do Ctrl-F to flip triangle edges. Then all you would have to do is delete the center vertex and either select all and Shift-F (Fill) or select the square formed between the midpoints of each edges and hit F. Maybe not the cleanest solution, but it works… (The Alt-M merge, I think, makes your faces a bit messy. But to each his or her own.)

With the Ctrl-F technique, I assume your edges are originally something like:

 _ _
|/ \|

They should end up like:

 _ _

I can’t seem to do the horizontal edges in ASCII, but I hope you understand.

I did try the alt m and it didn’t work that well so I will try what Dvirus101 suggested I will get back to you guys in a few days cause I’m going out of town to a game festival!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Delete the non-part-of-the-square vertices, (center, and middle of all edges vertices) and then select the remaining corner-vertices and hit F. This will create a face.

This will work. If you needed the verticies in-between the corners, then just select the two verticies on any edge and split them.