This is kinda like the post I had last week, but it’s harder. I have this center piece on the robot’s chest, but as you can see it kinda just goes through it. So i want some kind of edge around it. So I tried booleans. I made sure all the meshes where closed and I did the difference. It worked, kinda, but the edge is way to unsmooth. i tried smoothing it with no luck. Please what am I doing wrong?


hrrrm… Can we get another screenshot of the area with the wireframe added to the surface?

I can’t upload right now, but they look all messed up.

If I were you I would just keep the original I kinda like how it looks.

I can’t just leave it like this, it’s too fake

You will have to go the hard way and actually model the center piece out of the chest. I’d suggest to take the rose shape of your thing sticking out and retopo it on to the chest. Then join that shape with the chest and provide enough geometry on the chest to get the rose included. Now you can model the edge in the rose shape and connect it to the piece sticking out.

Booleans will not cut it as they are too imprecise in blender and they definetly don’t work easily with subsurfing.