Well, another spacescene (starfury)....

Model isn´t mine, but maybe you like it anyway:


and here is a picture how i did this in sequencer (sorry I have a few beers in
drunken now…, so I hope you understand me anyway, some really bad days for me now, some ugly things happened to me and maybe this is the last picture I´ve made with blender, I have to give up my beloved hobby “Blender”…, well some pictures I´ve made are good some are not, but I hope you remember me as a person who has made some “good” pictures
and tutorials, if not that´s ok. for me too. Bye,Bye…):


Good night, Olaf.

Not bad at all. Great work on the sequencer to pull it all together.

I don’t know why you just didn’t render it all in one pass though. I know why you didn’t but you could get the same effect with one pass is all I am saying.

Nice work.


really beautiful work
hopfully you are not going to put blender away for good
this is one of the better space renders i have seen for a long time
and we all know elysuin has many space renders, haha

keep blending, dont quit!

Thnx Wu for your support: the truth is, that i really won´t give up blender
for good, but I have to… (well sometimes really bad things happens to you
like loosing your family and your job and son on…, so you have to justify your live again and set some new priorities, if you know what i mean…).

All in all I hope you remember me as a friendly and helpful person in this
truly amazing comunity…

Aah and before I forget “Wu”: I´ve always enjoyed your drawing skills and “how” you applied it to your textures and Blenderworks-/animations…

Bye, Olaf.

Olaf, sorry to hear things are difficult right now. I’ve really enjoyed your work and hope to see more of your creativity in the future. I will also keep you in my prayers…

Best wishes,

Olaf, my best wishes to you - I hope everything gets better for you soon. I like your works and think it will be a real loss to this community if you don’t come back.

This is an outstanding space picture. Very professional.
I wish you all the best and hope your situation will improve and you don’t give up Blender.

really nice render you got there. nicely put together. i especialy like the blue booster thingys on the back of the spacecraft. hope things get better for you. :slight_smile:

Kickass starfury render, brings back memories…

Good luck man…


That’s one excellent render!!

Hope things improve for you, good luck.