Well... As(s) AllWays

Here you go:

How very, very odd. I’d love some angles with closeups of the various objects in your scene. Keep it up.

Wow, thats beautiful, and original. I love it, great work :smiley:


strange effect. its a wierd picture, but very well done!

It’s a very strange pic… But very cool at the same time :smiley: I love the little creature dude.

nice art!

I can’t make head or tail out of this :-?

It looks intresting but how about giving us some sort of explanation as to how you came up with this.

I like the design of the chairs and the table :slight_smile:


Nice home theatre. I like the ‘sports cigarette’ :wink:

It’s a weird style yes… but nice… thought the cigarette is too big! You could down a sea of cows with that one…