Well deserved trophy

No biggie this. My floorball team won the series this year and I thought I’d give the team a trophy.


If anyone knows how to improve the inscription. I don’t know how to get it sharper It would be interesting to know.

Full OSA on material attributes should do the trick.

Just a little light on the subject, I believe, should do it.

A bump-map should be sufficient for the lettering. The simplest thing to do would be to make sure that the lighting on the inscription doesn’t generate specular highlights on the edge of the letters. Just a nice soft-box wash of light there.


Isn’t the trophy a bit green? or is it just me?

As for the inscription, maybe try making the font larger. Hopefully this will make the words easier to read and more clear.


Thanx guy’s. I decreased the nor value and pressed the full osa for the texture. It came out like this. Laying it to rest now…


Forgive me for being a stupid American :stuck_out_tongue: , but what is floorball?

bump for what is floorball…


That should clear it up for you :smiley:
It’s very big in europe

My teams homepage
I’ve done the logo aswell…