well done england!

that was more stressful than my driving test though…

EDIT: just in case anyone doesn’t know, we just won the rugby world cup…

wohoo! - Johnny Wilkinson, the man. Quality match. woooh. England finally won something, woo again.

Near cardiac arrest time though, awesome, totally awesome…

Wilko is a God.

Yes that was legendary, even fir an ozzy like me

Was the final against france? If so, then I was recently browsing the tele and I stumbled across a UK-FR match. I watched it for 5 mins, saw that the brits were in the lead, thought that I will never understand that madass game and browsed on :smiley:
Anywho, congratrs!

what is rugby??

Against Australia.

HA HA HA stick it up em.

i am an NZer so we got beaten By australia, and due to our lovely country rivalry HA HA HA HA stupid Aussies :stuck_out_tongue:

have a good one.


what is rugby??

Much like American Football, but it doesn’t stop for 5 minutes rest after every 3 seconds play. Also, the players don’t wear armour plating.

And unlike American football, players last longer. In proffessional American football nose tackles have a career expectancy of one season because their bodies simply can’t take two years of that level of abuse.

It’s why I like hockey. Go Flyers!!

Well, tackling people with your nose is quite a stupid thing to do, so I don’t have any sympathy at all.

there sure were a few eggs sprouting on the sides of faces after that game :o