Well hello fellow Blenderites

I am new here and new to Blender as well. Just wanted to say hi as a newbie as its common courtesy I believe. Looking forward to read, listen and learn a lot from all of you. Already keeping an eye on this forum for a couple of days and it is by far the most active forum of the cgi software I visited. Even a couple of shoutouts on the Autodesk and another forum for having the nicest people here, so very appreciate that.

Little bit on my plan. Learning/playing with Blender but also with Houdini Apprentice. I have Photoshop skills but its more in the photo retouching direction so I will find out how that will help me in a 3D environment. Love photography and kinda have a good feel for lighting and mood so hopefully I can adjust that to CGI. I ordered a Blending learning book which will keep me company during my two-way train trips to my dayjob. What are my demons? Well, I am a perfectionist dreamer, so whenever I have something awesome-looking in my mind, I seriously need to replicate that on paper/screen. Impatient, and pretty annoyed when its stuck in mind. I totally agree that failing also means learning, but at the same, I tend to be harsh on myself when I can’t do something. So this Blender/CGI endeavor could be a sort of therapy as well…lol.

What else? Hmmm I am a totally sucker for watching demo reels of the ‘big ones’ such as Pixomondo, Vuel FX, Method, etc, you know how the list goes :wink:
Very much into the Marvel Cinematic stuff, the Disney Pixar stuff, sci-fi, but also appreciates movies like Midnight in Paris, art installations, fashion…you name it, I might like it!

Enough about me :stuck_out_tongue:

First Q: If Blender is “Dutch”, why can’t I find user groups over here? Am I searching the wrong way?

Greetings my friend

Welcome to the Blenderartists forums. :smiley: There is all sorts of craziness going on around here, mostly a lot of crazy creativity, hope you enjoy your stay here. :wink:

As for the dutch, Blenderartists is one of many sites who cover this awesome 3D app. You can check out BlenderCookie as well. A long with these you can check out BlenderGuru too. Awesome stuff all round.

Welcome to BA! :smiley:

Welcome aboard!

Thank you. Yes I already found Cookie and Guru, the latter through that tutorial on sakura, the japanese flower :slight_smile: