Well, i think i'v gatmy Blendy Spidey!

It’s been a kid dream!

sculpt and NMaps done in Zbrush from a blender mesh. (my david).
all textures, web, done in Blender.
3364 faces

Lightning and materials need heavy work.

yes you’re right!! i’m going to work materials. for lighting…i’m definitly not a good renderer…hope i’ll be some day a good modeler!

He is looking great. The only thing that jumps out at me is that his fingers seem kind of long or mabey it is that the palm is skinny. Other than that small detail it is looking great!

Thanks !! you’re right! i think i might give a scale on these fingers!

did some texture works. not have touched the finger yet

I liked the first render on the white background as an artistic piece. If you’re going for realism you’ll probably want to add a weave displacement texture to the red material. Try using a carbon fibre texture for a subtle displacement. For the lighting, you need some more indirect light. In blender internal set the environment light level to a 0.15 or something. If you’re in cycles, use an equirectangular environment texture to get some nice variation in overall ambient colour.

I’d love to see him composited into a New York scene!

thank you so much BlueInGreen!!! here are some tests with that carbon fiber texture (use in normal way RGB off). i’ll try again for the lighting…and new york!!