well linux still sucks LOL

ok so last time i installed linux the 5.1 channel sound didn’t work, but everything else did, after a lot of tinkering.

so i thought that 3 years on linux would have developed, and moved towards GUI stuff.

so i downloaded Ubuntu that everyone is talking about. its got lots of GUI interfaces… pity none of them do anything that their name suggests.

Hardware database… doesn’t infact have anything to do with downloading settings for your hardware from the database, infact all it is, is a email the developers to say that your crap ain’t working program…

my screen isn’t recognised, my printer i swear is the only printer not on the list of available printer drivers. the sound is still only 2 channels, and there is nowhere obvious to change any settings…

infact there are no manual settings in any bloody GUI on this thing, if they didn’t detect it then they don’t let you change it (unless you go to the text) to me that is pathetic.

my rant is over, i am uninstalling this first thing tommorow. its just counter productive.

i had expected ubuntu to live up to what others say. but it doesn’t IMO. perhaps i keep trying to install linux onto things that are to new. i.e. 1 month old PC’s.


I was expecting great things when I got Ubuntu. However after I installed it and had everything “working”, I noticed my wireless connection could only get to half of its potential, Blender didn’t function correctly, any resolution lower than 1600x1200 looked very poor, CD drives refused to open half the time, and the mouse pointer motion was impractical. The interface also seemed a bit clunky and loose.

Is Linux supposed to boot fast? Because if anything, it takes longer than XP on my machine.

I have to agree with you Alltaken, I find it hard to pick on Windows bugs now that I’ve used Linux.

On the other hand:

I installed Ubuntu Breezy Badger on my amd64 machine.

Everything worked out of the box, Epson scanner, epson printer, tv tuner card, SBLive soundcard.

Had to do some tweaking due to slight lack of availabilty of certain packages on 64bit linux (such as compiling hugin + panotools from source). Gimp, blender were all available ready compiled.

However if you are going to go down the linux road, it’s certainly advisable to choose hardware which is linux compatible, hence I use an old SBLive soundcard (don’t need no extra 3.1 channels, 2 is good enough for me!). If you are building a new machine, and thinking of running linux on it, research hardware beforehand.

I would expect linux to be compatible with any hardware that is at most five years old. They really need to get cracking on detection and installing drivers. Try switching a graphic card on a ubuntu system, can’t even get root to change it.

Boot in restore mode, which is similar to windows “safe mode” (from the cd you installed from). Log on as root.

Alltaken, I recommend grabbing Automatix. Check the ubuntu forums for a link for it. Install then click and select what you want, drivers, midi setup, sotfware etc. It installs most of the handy stuff for a ubuntu system in one easy go.


Linux isnt supposed to boot fast.

i had fedora core on my machine and one day i switched to ubuntu. my windows preformance took a crap so i had to install fedore core again. i couldnt even run spybot s&d to see if something was wrong it was running so slow

Yet there are people who swear by linux…For me…No 5.1 sound, No printer, No Scanner. Also the mp3 player does not play some of my songs. I guess if I had 2 speakers, a dot matrix printer, and no scanner, played my music from a cd. It would be awesome…but i dont. So it sucks…

my pc boots in 9 seconds :stuck_out_tongue: I hate to say this, but linux is only as good as you make it, e.g.: you only get what you put in when it comes to speed and stability.

The thing to remember about linux is it’s not where the money is. Even with older (1+ years) hardware the reason it gets supported in linux is usually because somebody with that hardware and the know-how programmed a linux driver, then shared it with everyone else.

A happy something that is relatively new is that some hardware manufacturers are supporting linux by providing drivers, but even then it is one or two guys spending a month porting applicable windows code over to linux --meaning reduced functionality and support.

I’ve been running RH9 and I’m happy with it. Then again, I don’t expect too much… The only thing I can’t get to work is the nVidia driver (RH did something weird to the kernel that the driver installer doesn’t like) so I can’t play any games that require even moderately advanced graphics… But again, I don’t use linux for games.

End of rant.

i agree with most ppl here. Linux might be powerful as a server (infact it is), but for a desktop OS (or a 1 man workstation), Windows XP rocks!

yea. linux sucks!


ppft, what would you know, you stupid mac fanboy! I mean, what harm can it do?

linux: because rebooting is for adding new hardware

and can I have a Coca-Cola with that? just go half Coca-Cola, half Diet
Coke…because I’m tryin to watch my figure…


basse you will be pleased to know that after using gnome, i have decided i prefer kde :wink:


And that means what ?

Basse designed/modelled that nice dragon that KDE has as a mascot.

my first question is:

why switch to linux?

Use windows unless you really need Linux. I have learned that just because the fanboys say that Linux is better doesn’t mean it is better for me.

Windows works perfectly for me, so I have to reason to switch.

Yes! Another KDE fan! I find Gnome irritating and obnoxious, to be mild.

Why switch? Why not? It’s:
(1) A programmer’s paradise.
(2) You don’t need to inform Bill Gates whenever you’ve installed an application.
(3) You can improve/unbloat the OS itself.

Hmm, come to think of it, these are the very reasons that the PC outsold the Apple/Mac years ago…

The only difference is that years ago there weren’t any umbilical cords to cut when choosing a platform.

I like my dual-boot system. I choose both.

For those of you with money to spare, there’s also VMware… run both at the same time!