well that's new! i lost my camera!

yes…i actually lost it! it doesnt exist! it’s smewhere there because when i press 0 i see from it but, its just not there! i cant seem to find it in the 3d window! could it be hidden? (i pressed alt-h nothing happenes) when i select all (A) and scale or move it doesnt move the camera but only the surrounding objects and lighting! is that a bug or what? does anyone have any idea what to do? i worked a lot on this picture…cant just…throw it away! help…

mmm, if it is there just press ctrl-alt-numpad0 to realign the camera to your current view.

if it isn’t there then add a new camera, select it in object mode, and press ctrl-numpad0 to make it active

Press the tilde ~ and see if it’s on an unselected layer?

You might have some success using the Outliner view.

Split your windows so that you have a ‘3D View’ and an ‘Outliner’ windows.

Select the camera object in the outline view. This will select the camera object in the 3D view as well. You can see in the outliner what scene the camera belongs etc.

In the 3D view select n to view the object properties to adjust as appropriate.

You can also try positioning the cursor shift-s selection->cursor once the camera has been selected in the outliner.

Hope this helps.

You might have scaled the camera to zero size. Can you still see the pink dot where the camera should be?

and if all else fails and you deleted it by mistake (or possibly but unlikely some obscure bug), Space->Add->Camera, select it and press Ctrl+NUM0 to make it active.