Haven’t been around in a while.
You see…I’ve been experimenting with Lightwave lately. It’s an awesome program. Though when you realize there’s $2500 worth difference, blender’s a gazillion times better!
Hope this bankruptcy problem goes…kapoof.
I think when all the dust settles and Blender is on firm ground again, the developers (or whoever) should get some nice features added, like raytracing, etc. Also, a complete section for plugins alone, like Lightwave.
Oh, and more modeling tools. Lightwave has some awesome modeling tools for making like- spaceships and stuff.
When I get internet back on my computer, I’ll be able to redownload Blender, (I’m on a different comp right now. (Annnnnd, I had to redo Windows due to a virus so I don’t have Blender :frowning: ))
Soo, then I can export Lightwave models (Spaceships I make) into Blender for some fancy stuff. (NOt that Lightwave Can’t do fancy stuff, but that I don’t know how…)

Hope to hear back from you all.