I have been on a blender hiatus for a long time now, since this school year started, I’ve had no time, but this weekend I had some more time than usual, so I decided to do some blending.

I decided to go with a well, of the wishing variety, because it wouldn’t be too hard, but still fun. Here it is as of right now, without textures.

Next, I think I’ll work on the wooden top part, then probably go back and fix the part of the rope where it ties to the bucket (if anyone has any suggestions on how to model a knot, I’d appreciate it, its very very hard)

Then I have to do the ground, and texture it all (I hate texturing)

and comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated though

well,well…not too much do say yet, but as for the knots, I happened to remember a site with one picture that explains it all.http://www.unkrautland.com/assets/images/Making_2.jpg