Wendy Work in progress

Hi everyone this is my first post here, i’ve been working on this model to learn a lot about Blender i come from Maya and Cinema 4D as a user, but in reality blender was my fist 3D program, but in school they only teached Maya, and for work Cinema is what they got, im very happy that i finally had the time to learn Blender new tools.

(Here is a test of a rig that i made her hair is dynamic)

Wendy is right now availible in vrchat in you what to use her search for wen room and my username mrivanovichh. I 'll be updating her there, also adding more models to vrchat i like a lot the idea of comunity based creations in game.

If you are intrested in the model here is a link for fiverr where i have all the info of my service and even this model in Sketchfab and a youtube test, right now this is an old version, but hey, its free realstate!!

Also here is my instagram for future projects that i made!