We're about to release a proper BGE alternative

Hi, Blender heads! We’re about to complete a Bullet integration into Verge3D for Blender framework. In the upcoming 2.11 release, we’ll support static, kinematic and dynamic bodies, various shapes like boxes, spheres, and meshes. Applying forces, impulse, velocity, detecting collisions will also be possible.

All these will be available in the code-less environment called Puzzles. Check it out what we’ve got now:

Download Verge3D pre-release and try out these features yourself. We’d really appreciate feedback from you!


upbge has about 1000x times the complexity and potential.

I am not knocking this, just saying it’s not a alternative.

UPBGE has visual coding also, because if it does not, your comparison becomes irrelevant. This is obviously target at a different user base.

Plus by the same comparison Godot has 1000 times the complexity and potential of UPBGE as well.

It’s not a contest.

Cool game engine, thanks for sharing


actually I know people who use both engines,

the limitations are similar however godot does port to android
(upbge has waaay better 3d / huge API / + Blender guts.)

and this engine appears to be a wrapper for bullet.

UPBGE is a wrapper for bullet, GLSL, Audaspace, sdl2 and recast navigation + more…

the engine above does not even have armatures /shrug.

How does this compare to Blend4web?

The thread title suggests this is a new game engine, but the video says it’s more of a physics playground.

I would say it’s not yet an alternative to the existing FOSS engines because of that.

I agree that a better description of the product might help here.

In this instance, it looks like Verge 3D is a good tool for showcases, but maybe not games per say.

@AlexKowel Can you post a link or a message better explaining what Verge3D is and isn’t?

How does that work, BGE or upBGE is free right? But a license for Verge3D is at least 290 dollars per 12 months for freelancers (or personal use). If that is the case, how could that be an alternative?


With Verge3D you can do most things without any coding at all. It also supports Blender 2.80 and EEVEE.

It’s not a physics playground. We called this video so to show that with Puzzles creating complex physical environments is actually like a toy!

Yep, Verge3D costs some money but it does not require you to open source your game projects.

Is there such a demo? Would be curious to see and EEVEE scene moving.

I think it is a good idea nonetheless, to have a proper environment to easily create 3d web applications, but the pay wall may hurt people wanting to try it out before making any snap decisions.

One should know exactly the limits of the tool.

I would enourage the backers of Verge3D to consider making it “open source” – or, to offer a source-code license – because in the long run I think it will be better for your business.

I respect that this is intended to be a sustaining, for-profit business venture. I respect the fundamental need for revenue in any such venture. I’m a software businessman myself. I think that it is perfectly reasonable to charge money, e.g. by subscription, and I think that your customers will actually be quite willing to do this, even if they can get the source-code on Github. Notice for example what the Blender Foundation is now doing …

I do not subscribe to the popular acronym, "Free and Open Source." You can collect sustaining revenue from a product that is open source or for which a source-code license is available. You don’t have to use any of the GPL licenses. “You own it. You can legally do anything you want.” People aren’t going to steal your pants.

I’m trying to make the business case to you and to your financial backers that it would be an impediment to your business aspirations for the source-code of this system to remain closed. And so, “enough said.” No reply is needed – just think about it.

Yep, we have EEVEE-based Scooter demo. Check it out https://cdn.soft8soft.com/demo/applications/scooter/index.html

With regard to payments, we offer an unlimited trial which can be used for learning purposes (it also includes source files of the Scooter demo)

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Hi. The Blender plug-in is already GPL. The rest of the code is available to enterprise customers.

Looking good :slight_smile:

Could you put a link to the educational trial?

Okay, but it would help your PR if you backed that up with a video showing gameplay.

I also noticed in the video that you decided to use a scratch-like interface for coding. I am not sure I am keen on this type of visual scripting, as it’s essentially just scripting but the text is inside colorful blocks instead. The benefit though is that it’s harder to create errors, but the tradeoff is that it’s probably a little more difficult to do a refactor or a bug-hunt.

In my opinion, visual scripting is at its best when it does not even try to closely mimic coding (ie. the BGE’s logic bricks), a high level interface you can * optionally * control with written scripts.

May I just say, Alex, that I think you’re an Awesome programmer, for writing something like this. I can’t even BEGIN to think how much skill is involved in the making of this… Take care, man.

Sure here it is! https://www.soft8soft.com/get-verge3d/

Thank you very much for your kind words. Take care you too!