We're about to release a proper BGE alternative

(AlexKowel) #21

Yep I see. But we believe this scratch-like environment is a good trade-of between low-level (often hardcore!) coding and high-level but restricted environments like BGE or Unreal Blueprints.

(justwannapost) #22

Hey - if it’s not too much trouble, could you tell me some good books to read about making this stuff? Like, what did YOU read before you started coding this? :slight_smile:

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I just wanted to point this out in case anyone sees this and gets confused. Using the Blender game engine (or any other game engine that I know of) does not require you to open source your project.

There’s a myth going around because Blender is open source that all of your projects are as well.
Ton debunks this in an interview with Andrew Price. https://youtu.be/qJEWOTZnFeg?t=3181

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if you use the blender player (.exe) that blend is open source!
if you use the bge module, those scripts are open source!

Thats all.

(hoverBOX Creative) #25

You can run your game through a stand-alone player that would exclude your game from being part of Blender’s GPL.

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the Faq i already know, that’s why i said it.

True, if you don’t use blenders standalone then no gpl on the .blends indeed. However the scripts that uses the BGE module or any of it’s submodules then the scripts will be bound to GPL.

(BluePrintRandom) #27

cloud platform removes GPL as a issue -

no exe is distributed.

(AlexKowel) #28

Update. Verge3D 2.11 for Blender is out. Check out the press release here.

(BluePrintRandom) #29

Do you think you will add support for armatures?

python scripting?

2d filters?

(AlexKowel) #30

You might start with WebGL books and tutorials. WebGL is low-level technology which is used to display 3D graphics in the browser.

(AlexKowel) #31

Hi. Sure we support armatures in Verge3D. In regards to 2D filters. If you mean 2D post-processing effects than yes, we do support them as well!

Python scripting is a different story. Since browsers do no support python natively you need to write your logic in JavaScript or use Puzzles visual environment.

(justwannapost) #32

Thanks. I’m kind of…trying to master what can be done WITHOUT 3D acceleration, before I touch any “WebGL” type of stuff :slight_smile: (would you have any good book recommendations for that? :slight_smile: )

(AlexKowel) #33

You can try this one or any other books on HTML Canvas.

(Lyeb) #34

Honest, game development without programming is heresy.
Good on you anyhow. Just don’t slander the BGE.

(justwannapost) #35

Aah I already have > 1 book that explains HTML 5 Canvas :slight_smile:
No, I meant more the theory behind all the stuff…?

(AlexKowel) #36

Try GPU Gems series or GPU PRO book series.