Were does all the stuff that factories produce go?

My dad asked the question,“If factories are making all those beds, who the heck is buying all those beds? It’s not like you nned one every week.” I’ve allways wondered that too. Anyone know?

You’re just begging for nonsense answers, aren’t you?

Bangs his head and swings back knocking a hole in the wall with his horns

I thought everyone would know this, they get shipped to warehouses where they are then eventually shipped to retail stores that purchase them.

Erm, ever thought about how many people there are? 300 million in America, over a billion in China…

Exactly. Then we have hospitals and hotels, people with more than one house, a spare bed or two, so theoretically, we need more beds than there are people.

Then add the fact that beds do not last forever /natural dieing age = new bed needed.

Also, beds come in differernt designes, although it is unforunat that some people have more money than sense when there are people with out food on their plates, people replace perfectly good beds with better designs /lartest technology etc…

Not just limiting the topic to bed factories, the sad part of modern mass production is that quite a bit of itends up in the oceans of the world. If a set of passenger car tires lasts say, 100,000 miles, then for every mile of highway that 100,000 vehicles have traveled on has the equivalent of a set of tires lost on and around it.
Hard to say where a lot of products eventually end up.
Interesting to think about.

ell being the bastard who designs landfill, i mut say it ALL ends up in the rubish dumps, often before its time.


It goes here


pick your own … and check where your stuff goes.

Henry Henry, If your going to get anywhere in blender, you need to think analytically and mathematically, here’s an idea of how your train of thought could go…

there are 100,000 people in my town.

divide that by 365.25 (days in a year), and you have an average of 274 birthdays every day.

if people are between 1 and 90 years old, then divide 274 by 90 and you get an average of 3 people turning 18 every day.

those 3 people move out of their house and buy a bed for their new apartment.

so a factory would need to make 3 beds every day just to keep up with the population of 18 yearolds moving out and getting a bed.

now there are also on each of those days 20 yearolds getting married and getting a new bed (2 people use one bed so only 1.5 more beds per day). then you have kids turning 3 years old and getting a bed, so now you have 7.5 beds per day. that’s assuming people just get them at those points in life, but people occasionally just buy a new bed so we’ll round out to 8 beds a day.

Now if one factory supplies for 10 cities, then that’s 80 beds a day, or almost 500 beds a week.

Moral of the story: math is your helper, and logic is your teacher, and supposition is the key to new knowledge.

Here’sanother place some of that “stuff” goes. Interesting.

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