were to begin with a animated vid

hello all i have been thinking for the past week about making a short animated vid but i don’t know were to begin. What would you guys suggest? i have a idea of what the story is about. i have a main character and i am soon gonna start the proses of modeling him. I just need to be pointed in the right direction. any help is helpful :yes::D:yes: If you guys want to read the story line i would be more then happy to post it on this thread. I am also working on the concept art of my character. When i get that done ill post that to

Well if you have a storyline i would suggest modelling all the characters and environment pieces you want in the animation

ok ty ill model the bar since that is were i would like the story to start lol.

i think you need to get you conceptual pipeline and stuff like that in order. Im talking about the script, concept art, storyboarding steps.

The first set up is gonna just be a very ruff sketch of what I want. I no how i want my characters to look for the first seen and i have a ruff drawing made out to what is gonna be happening in the seen. I am not gonna be having my characters speak for this first part of the test and run. lol but Your right about the script. My characters are gonna have to be very dramatic in my good version. Here is the short short version of the story. (Jack Hameltin) the main character is a retired sheriff and is a preacher at a local church. His wife and daughter are murdered in a battle of races. The murders are the kkk. After getting wind of this he over time looses his faith and vows to get revenge on all of the murders. This story takes place in the south year 1860’s when the kkk was just getting started. He investigates and in a short way of putting it he kills all of the members and is from then on known as (Jack the Red Cross Killer) Jack is a African American in this story and most people already now of the problems African Americans faced during this time period. So what you think. If the first seen turns out good i would like to make a 20 to 30 minute movie.

finding good references is a good idea.

finding good references is a good idea.

Agreed. :yes:

Don’t waste your time typing this stuff in a public user forum…

type it all into something that will be of use to your production.


Personally, I like this one:

collect your refs and tie them together with the script and storyboard… just doing this will start to fill in the gaps…
replace photo ref’s with animatics as you go, replace concept sketches w/ test render as you create the character, etc… the project will start to flesh out.

good luck.

Ill check em out thnx Ran13