Werewolf: Update pg bottom

A basic werewolf character. Supposed to be a guy chained up undergoing his transformation from man to wolf. Its not dont yet. C and C appreciated.


Please add some lights.

The fur doesn’t look very good, it’s too rough and all over the place. The fur on the arm runs the wrong way. The rest of the model seems to be good.

I haven’t really utilized particle hair that much but i think you might need to tweak yours just a little. Otherwise really good you can tell that with the right light and such it will be a really cool scene.

So far I’m just wanting to get the character right, before I put in some proper scene lighting [probably the glow of a full moon, as he is shapeshifting]. I fixed the fur on the arms too and am changing the eye glow. It looks crappy at the moment.

man you know what I would have done, mad a regular human model. and then I would have exagerated werewolf featurs with relative vertex keys, like to make him looks like he is transforming. this would be more for animation, and then add a bones to the characters, set it up with the hybrid characters rig, man that would look good, a guy transforming into werewolf, with relative vertex keys, and then I would setup the particle life in IPO if you can, to make the effect of growing hair, there is a crazy amount you could do with this, that would be awesome, especially in front of a glowing moon, sort of cast a light tint to it but keep some darkness, then at the end of transformation, make his eyes start to glow, and then zoom really fast in on his eyes. awwwwwwwwwwww man. awesome.

dude, if you don’t want this idea, can I take it… %|
the idea above that I came up with, not the model. I would do my own model.

Yes, give him a whopping two minutes to respond before threatening to steal your own idea…

lol. Go ahead use the idea, is was your idea anyways.

how about i give you whopping @#$ to the face…


Updated. Changed the lighting a bit. He’s going to be in a prison cell [hence the chains]. With the moonlight coming in through the window. The fur on the arms goes the right way know. And the right arm [his right] is still a bit screwy.

If I press your link I come to a “Page not found” page. So I don’t know if you already fixed it, but the hair on his arms are too long. A little bit off-topic but how have you done the hair, I have searched after tutorials on the new hair particle feuture and found nothing? It’s better if you use the thumbnails that Imageshack provide just copy the text from “Thumbnail for forums.”

Link fixed

Can you give me the settings you use for the lamp, i’d like too make those rays effect but i can’t manage to do this ;).

And nice model BTW.

great modeling just the fur looks a ittle too fuzzy but thats me :-?

edheltar here are the lamp settings.
An object has to be in the way of the light for it to cause the the rays [the darker areas are just the shadow]. Also make sure that the “shadow” option is on in the render buttons.

Ok, the halostep set to 12 was missing for me :smiley:
Thanks a lot.