Werewolf WIP *UPDATE*

Hey all,

Been a while since i posted any of my artwork, iv been going to VFS and im half way through my 4th term.

Here is my first char model, any C&C would be great…


Note: done in XSI not Blender



shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny :stuck_out_tongue: its cool but warewolfs got hair right :D.

Heya Grim,

Yep, he will have hair, but i have to wait until iv finished the texture because the hair will take its colour changes via the texture. Fun fun fun!!! :wink:

Thanks for your comment! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

excellent throughout.
only crit is the “ankle” and foot area, its a bit to blocky, almost cartoonish, compared to the anatomical detalil of the rest of the model
its good though, and with textures might not matter that much.
I hope you’re enjoying school!

Thanks slik,

Yeah, the whole feet area needed some attention, just re-did 'em this afternoon at school here, which im still enjoying heaps!!! :wink:

The updated model with better feet is at:


Cheers!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Wow that’s a great start man. If you succed on getting some good hair, like on @ndy’s snow man. That’ll be one kick ass model.

It’s great. I do think the ears are a bit too big though - makes him look like a jackal instead of a wolf.

Nice stuff - do you like XSI?


Very good! I can’t wait to see him with fur.

hhhmmm shiny :stuck_out_tongue: i like shiny its cool dude th ears well has anybody actually seen one of these thinks in real person ;). keep goin love too see the fur.it kinda looks like a metal dog thing :P.

I agree with Caleb. Give this guy a sceptre and a blade and his name’s Seth…


Hey all,

Here is an update of my werewolf char model, as well as a small divx animation.


C&C welcome!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Nice update man. Muscles are very defined and look great.

The muzzle looks to be a little too cubish for my taste. Could be smoothed out more to a triangular conical shape, if you know what I mean.


Heya BgDM, how goes it???

Thanks fur the C&C, i do indeed know what you mean and will see if i can loose some of the squarishness on his muzzle, throw a latice on him and pull it out smooth.

Im also working on the forarms and hands, trying to make them match the rest of the model better. The hair, texture, rig and face shapes i did for that vid are trash and have to be redone much much better, and in the next two weeks!!! :o

Anywayz, good hearin’ from ya, and thanks again!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!