Werewolf WIP

Here is a werewolf wip I started a few days ago after I bought ZBrush, working on this in my spare time to figure my pipeline workflow between the 2. GoB so far as only been buggy on me, so I try to work around it.
Here is the current state done today (Textures, Displacements, Bumps, Fur) Still a lot to do, but I thing its heading the right way :slight_smile:

Here is the initial sculpt I did a few days ago:

Any C&C is more then welcome :slight_smile:

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Here is a brighter render comp. The other render is closer to the night style spooky render I am aiming for.

Good job. I really liked your model. Used paint projection? Render in cycles?

CCTrevis : Thanks :slight_smile: I used ZBrush for base sculpt, then I re topologised in Blender, Then I did the UVs in both ZBrush and blender, and I painted all textures, bumps and displacement in Zbrush, shader settings, lighting and fur all Blender Internal. Renders in HD 1080p at 5min and 30 second average.

Very glad to see you back in the wip forum.:wink:
The model without hair particles and textures looks very egyptian.
The anatomy , the head, everything is fantastic!!!
It is a pity that the fur covers the perfection of your work.

Most excellent work!

this is absolutely beautiful work. I even love the render without the hair particles, reminds me of Anubis there.

filou.rod : Thanks :slight_smile:
Safetyman : Thanks :slight_smile:
artorious : Thanks :slight_smile: The Anubis look is unintentional :stuck_out_tongue:

Little Update here, I did keep the other non bloody textures, I wanted to see if he could look meaner with blood all over. Beside the blood I finished the inner mouth (Teeth & Tongue) and only the eyes left to do before rigging. I may or may not keep the blood, or maybe use both in my little project. I hope you guys like http://www.zbrushcentral.com/images/smilies/smile.png (Any C&C is as usual more then welcome)

Looks amazing! The little tufts of hair at the point of the ears are a great touch. I love the ‘were-anubis’ look as well, intentional or not :). Not so sure about the blood, adds a really good touch around the mouth (makes me think of some NatGeo stuff I’ve seen) but it seems like an awful lot. I would expect around the mouth/muzzle and hands, but maybe not quite so much on the pants and feet. I would kinda picture him hunched over something to eat, so more face and upper body (where it drips), but less as you go down the body.

Just .02 from someone who’s on his second week of blender, it’s way better than ANYTHING I can do :wink:

Thanks for sharing such a stunning piece of work!

Hey everyone, Here is what I got so far, rig is about 80% done and almost ready for animation.

brainfire9: Thanks :slight_smile: Well, here is a fact from wiki:
In cutcarotid arterieswith 100 mL of blood through the heart at each beat (at 65 beats a minute), a completely severed artery will spurt blood for about 30 seconds and the blood will not spurt much higher than the human head. If the artery is just nicked, on the other hand, the blood will spurt longer but will be coming out under pressure and spraying much further.

Hope you’all like http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/img/zbc_style/smilies/wink2.gif (C&C is as usual very welcome):

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Hey Jeannot:) Long time no talk sorry for that man. Life gets so busy if you know what I mean. Hope your doing well and it looks like your putting out some great stuff again. Never a doubt in my mind…your one hell of a talented sculptor and texturing artists. Love the poses too:P Keep it up man I’ll keep my eye on this one:)

Derek: Hey man, thanks :slight_smile: Long time no see :stuck_out_tongue: Doing well, both me and Nancy. She’s getting bigger :stuck_out_tongue: Now at almost 7 months. I am ready in terms of being a daddy :slight_smile:

Other then that, well, not much, working a lot on 2 project, a game and a cinematic. Game is about 50% done, cinematic, about 10% done :stuck_out_tongue:

Take care bros :wink: Peace