.werkkzeug1 - demo production tool

Farbrausch made their demo-production tool “.werkkzeug1” public. With this tool they’ve created their well-known 64k demo “.theprodukkt” and lots of other impressive demos. You are able to create abstract or even (more or less) realistic 3D models, textures and animation with it by stacking different operators which affect each other. This way it is possible to keep the filesize extremely small, because only the different opperators (transform, subdivide, extrude, etc.) are saved, not the final mesh. The interface scared me first, but after reading the tutorial I saw how logic and genius this way of working is. I love to play around with it, create some abstract, colorfull things and then I can use the (little bit buggy) movie render function to create a tga sequence which can be used in many ways. You are also able to compile your animation and it’s possible that the created exe is smaller than 64kb! (That’s one reason why I like 64k demos so much…I ony got a 56k dial-up connection :wink: )

check it out:

WOW, this is great, I have to try this!