West nile virus.

(Dittohead) #1

My cousin is in texas right now he got a few mosqiuto bites and he started to get real sick, now he’s in the emergency room and we think that he MIGHT have West Nile Virus.

We could really use your prayers, thanks.

(Timonides) #2

Hello!!! :smiley:

OHHHH!!! That’s awfull. :frowning:

I hope he gets well really soon.

I’ll pray for him (although I am not so religious myself).

Wishes for a fast recovery…


(IngieBee) #3

Could you please keep us updated? My daughter was camping this past month in the Hill country, and now is in Houston. I’m paranoid only because I love her so much. Please let us know if that’s what it was.

Also, remember that a fireant bite can cause alergic reactions… sometimes can cause shock and death, so it could be that???

Those little buggers are nasty. I let one bite me once to see what would happen and I got a big welt! from one little dumb ant!!! ( I didn’t know at the time you could get an allergic reaction… but nothing happended)

I’ll keep your cousin in my thoughts and prayers, and Texas does have some of the best medical institutions. I’m sure he will be alright.

Love Ingrid

(acasto) #4

Also remember that the West Nile virus is not that deadly, especially to young healthy people. If most of us got it, we would probably knotice little more than a few symptoms. That is why if it wasn’t for the dead birds, it would be particularly hard to track .

just my two cents :wink:

(Dittohead) #5

They still can’t figure out what it is. They’ve been doing tests all day and they still have no idea what it is is.

(rwv01) #6

I sure hope he’ll get better soon! Being sick in no fun!
How’s your leg doing?

(Dittohead) #7

I feel 349% better.

But my cousin we still have no idea what it is, and he’s still running 102-103 fever, vomiting and sharp pains, 8000 worth of tests later, we still have no idea.

(IngieBee) #8

Oh dear, I’m so sorry. It sounds awful. Man, I don’t know what to say, except I am praying and really hope he’ll be better soon.

Let us know when he is better, he will get better I’m sure.

Love Ingrid

(theeth) #9

ouch… that sounds aweful… :frowning:

I don’t really believe in prayers, so may the force be with him

that’s better than nothing isn’t it? :wink:

PS: I found that the best way to go through moments like this is to laugh it out…

(IngieBee) #10

West Nile virus is in the newspapers today (LA times, front page) At least they are very awair of it, and are caring for your cousin the best way they can. I’m sure, especially if he is young, he’ll be fine, just an awful thing to go through :frowning:

Let us know when he starts feeling better, ok?

Love Ingrid

(Dittohead) #11

He’s feeling better this morning he’s eating and drinking(not much but some) and it’s staying down so that’s good news.

(joecool) #12

No :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dittohead) #13

i agree but let’s not fight over it.

(theeth) #14

oh well, I was just trying a little bit of humor… :frowning:


(IngieBee) #15

That’s gotta mean he’s getting better, thank goodness. I got a really bad flu during my last pregnancy, Gosh, I thought I was going to die!!! So I know how he must feel. It isn’t fun, but if he is even drinking, he’s getting better.

I’m glad to hear it. My daughter comes home tomorrow, we’ll be keeping an eye or two on her :wink:

Love ya, Ingie