Western Enviroment

“Western Enviroment”
Recreation of an environment typical of the movies of the old west.
Everything made from scratch trying to make it as lowpoly as possible to be used in production, painted textures, procedurals and some google photos. Wind simulation in banners and flags, HDRI lighting, rendering with EEVEE and postpro inside Blender.
Hope you like ti!

And if you want to watch the animation go to my link:
Or here if you don’t have Instagram :wink:


Beautiful! :ok_hand:
The western genre has disappeared from the general public a bit these days, but I’m still a fan! Very well done! :+1:
(One comment anyway? The wood texture of all buildings is quite similar. Maybe make one building deviate somewhere? I think that would be even more realistic…)

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks for your comments!! and I’m a fan too (and the spaghetti`s BSO like Morricone, so I did the music too in the render’s animation)
You’re right about textures and the reason for that is because I only modeled one wall for all houses (Linked Duplicate) so I only could make them “different” with procedural dirt texture and random “browns”( with the “object info node”) for each new linked duplicate wall…this way the scene renders (and moves) faster…

Thanks Bart!! great weekend for you too!!

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