Wet fur material in Cycles?

Hi, how do you make a wet fur material in cycles? For the moment I use two Hair shaders - one Reflective and one Transmitive - and mix them using the Intercept value from the hair info node. In other words the basic setup :o
Now I want to increase the glossiness to make my fur look wet but can’t get it to look right.

I’ve tried three things: 1. Added another mix shader and mixed in a basic glossy shader to the said shaders. 2. Set the colour of the Hair glossiness node to white. 3. adding a math node to the intercept value and multiplied it with 5-10. None of these methods worked :frowning:
Here is a pic of my attempts:

Any advice?

I think you also need to tweak the particle settings, so the hairs are more clumpy, if you are not already done it.

Here’s how I’d do it, and as @ArMan said, you have to also have the particle settings in mind, since the look of wet fur is not only the shader. :slight_smile:

I think both can be greatly improved (both the shaders and the combing), but as a starting point doesn’t seem that bad hehe