Wet hairs

Hi. Is it possible to use some shader to make hairs look wet (or at least shiny) in blender cycles 2.79? If so how to do that?

I mean, you could just take the principaled hair bsdf, and make it darker and shinier, and make the hair more clumpy in the particle settings

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I don’t know how nodes should look like. I’ve got something like this:

Result (aside from clumpiness for now):

Doesn’t look shiny

Denoising on. Setting clamp indirect to 0 doesn’t make much difference. Any suggestions?

??? why would you mix in a defuse? defuse isn’t shiney just plug the color into the principaled node and use that

If you are on latest 2.79 you can use the principled hair shader. Increase Coat and reduce Roughness.

What do you mean? I’ve got only principled BSDF

I assume you are not on the latest release of 2.79, then. This should be the right one:


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Ok. I did it, but the result isn’t much convincing (unless i did something wrong):

The hairs seem more transparent than wet.

The @RoseRedTiger 's solution looks better:

(I added clump btw)

Read this for how to use the principled hair bsdf

The principled hair shader is designed specifically for the task.

Your particle settings will do just as much in regards to realism as the shader you use. Your hairs are far too thick at the moment it seems. From the image provided, it looks like 1 of 2 things. I’m going to assume those are lips, and it’s a beard - so the hairs will be a little more wiry than normal hair, and the wet effect is a completely different. Generally, facial hair won’t retain water as like the hair on your head.

its worth looking at references too…

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Thank you all for help. I aim at cartoon style, so i don’t bother with realism very much. Just wanted to add an impression of wet hairs, which won’t be in the foreground.